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Phish – Subject: DD CHANGES NEEDED

A phishing message has been reported this afternoon. Please continue to report all suspicious messages to           From: Kathryn A. Foster <>         Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 at 1:21 PM         Subject: DD CHANGES NEEDED         To: <>        … Continue Reading

Phish – Are you available?

This morning, there have been many reported phishing messages with no subject and “Are you available” in the body of the email. The senders of these emails are scammers, posing as TCNJ employees and asking co-workers to buy them giftcards. If you receive a message similar to this, please report it to and then… Continue Reading

Netflix Phishing Scam

There has recently been a Netflix phishing scam which attempts to steal user’s personal information. The email claims that the user’s account is on hold because Netflix is “having some trouble with your current billing information.” Please be cautious before you click on links or download attachments in emails and continue to report suspicious emails… Continue Reading

Active Phishing Campaign Targeting NJ State Employees and Users

A warning has been issued about a phishing campaign specifically targeting NJ State Employees and Users, which attempts to download a banking Trojan onto targeted systems via a Microsoft Word document. As reported, “Recent email subject lines associated with this phishing campaign begin with words such as ‘Payment,’ ‘Inv,’ ‘Acknowledge,’ and ‘Account,’ followed by a… Continue Reading

Phish – Subject: Update

A phishing message was reported yesterday. If you receive a message similar to the one below, please delete it.   Hi,             I have changed my bank account and i would like to update the bank account that my paycheck goes to, can the change be effective for the next pay… Continue Reading

Phish – Subject: Re-Validate

A phishing message was reported this afternoon. If you received a message similar to the one below please delete it.           From: Zimbra <>         Date: Sun, Dec 9, 2018 at 5:15 PM         Subject: Re-Validate         To: XXXX           Dear… Continue Reading

Phish – Subject: Follow up

  Another phishing message just like the last one, but from a different address.    From: Kathryn A. Foster <> Subject: Follow up  Date: October 11, 2018 at 2:08:28 PM EDT To: XXXX Reply-To: Kathryn A. Foster <> Are you available  — Best Regards,   Continue Reading