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It’s Cybersecurity Month 2022!

It’s October, and that means it’s Cybersecurity Month!  This year’s theme for Cybersecurity Month is “See Yourself in Cyber.”  Seeing yourself in cybersecurity means to look at the things you do every day, both at work, at home and elsewhere, and see where you can do things to better protect yourself and others.  Things such as making sure you do not re-use passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication wherever you can and reporting suspicious messages, all place you right in the world of cybersecurity. 

At TCNJ, we hold annual cybersecurity training consisting of helpful videos to reinforce these ideas and help everyone here to be safer in their online lives.  You will receive an email from (see screenshot below for example), providing the link to your training or visit  Please complete in the next couple of weeks.  Data is everywhere these days, and attackers do all they can to obtain people’s data to steal identities, extort money, or meet other financial ends.  Seeing yourself in cyber will help you safeguard yourself from these attacks and protect the data of you and those around you.  Thank you for taking the training and taking the time to “See Yourself in Cyber!”

Training Email Screenshot
Screenshot of Litmos training email