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Working From Home

Follow these security guidelines as we continue to work remotely. We all must do our part to protect our community and the data entrusted to us. If you have any questions or concerns reach out to the Information Security Team at or contact the IT Help Desk, 609-771-2660 or

Think Before You Click. Criminals are taking advantage of people working remotely. They are using phishing and malware campaigns to impersonate legitimate sites and ask you to click links or enter credentials. Slow down. Don’t click. Go directly to reputable websites to access content instead of clicking links.

Limit access to the device you use for work. A TCNJ managed device may only be used by authorized users. Friends and family members should not use TCNJ issued devices. If you are using a personal device for work, you should use separate logins for work and personal use. Contact the IT Help Desk if a shared device is your only option, and we will provide a TCNJ issued device.

Follow our Information Security Policy. Specific types of data may only be stored on TCNJ managed devices. Sensitive data must also be encrypted. Utilize our Virtual Lab, and Cloud environments to securely work with sensitive data.

Secure your network. Home routers must be kept up to date with the most current software, and WiFi networks should use WPA2 or WPA3 with a unique secure passphrase. Connect to TCNJ VPN for an additional layer of security while working remotely.

Secure your device. Lock your screen or logout when you walk away from your computer. Set an auto-lock timer to lock your device if you forget. Store your devices in a secure location. If a device you use for work is lost or stolen report it immediately to the IT Help Desk or Information Security Office.

Only use TCNJ approved and vetted software. If you have a preferred tool or software need that has not been vetted by the security team please contact your Support Specialist. We can review the application and make sure it meets our privacy and security standards.

Apply Updates. Keep your software up to date. Make sure the latest security updates are applied to your operating system, web browser, and any other software running on your computer. These updates include important changes to improve the security of your devices.