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Password Procedure

To change your password, please visit

A. Instructions for changing your password

Accounts are managed from the TCNJ Account Manager website ( which includes instructions for using the password manager site to change your password and configure security questions for password resets.

B. Password Length

Passwords must be at least 12 characters long and can be up to 32 characters long.

C. Password complexity requirements

Passwords must contain at least:
1. One upper case character
2. One lower case character
3. One numeric character
4. Symbol characters are encouraged (examples: ! # $ @ % ^ & ? +)

D. Password history and uniqueness

Password history will be maintained. Passwords cannot be reused within 365 days and should never be reused.

E. Initial password assignment

All new TCNJ accounts will have an initial password that will be retrieved from by supplying appropriate credentials.  As of this writing, the credentials required are PAWS id, last name, and birth date.

Upon retrieving the initial password, a user will be guided to the TIMS system where they must answer the forgotten password reset questions and create a new password.  The initial password must be changed before access to other TCNJ systems will be possible.