The College of New Jersey

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Password Procedure

To change your password, please visit

A. Community member accounts covered by this procedure include: Employees, Active students, Contingent workers, and Associated educators.

B. Community member accounts excluded from this procedure include: Applicants and Alumni.

C. Instructions for changing your password

Accounts are managed from the TCNJ Account Manager website ( which includes instructions for using the password manager site to change your password and configure security questions for password resets.

D. Sample password expiration notification message. There is anticipation that this will be perceived as a phishing email and copious education and communication beforehand will be required.

The College of New Jersey – Password Administration

Note: Your TCNJ password will expire in five days.
Hello. Your TCNJ password is nearing expiration.  It will expire on [date].

Please do NOT reply to this email. You are NOT being asked to divulge your account name or password via email.  Please visit the TCNJ Account Manager website ( to change your password.  Please visit the TCNJ Information Technology Help Desk web page ( for instructions to change your password.

TCNJ account passwords expire every 180 days. Please see the TCNJ password procedure for verification of this message and further information.

You may also contact the TCNJ Information Technology Help Desk to verify the validity of this message at 609-771-2660 or

The Information Technology Security Program website has information to help identify email phishing scams – Phishing scam identification

After your password expires, you can no longer access the following services:
Wireless access (on campus)
Campus Computer Logins
All other TCNJ resources that require logins

E. Password Length

Passwords must be at least 9 characters long and can be up to 32 characters long.

F. Password complexity requirements

Passwords must contain at least:
1. One upper case character
2. One lower case character
3. One numeric character
4. Symbol characters are encouraged (examples: ! # $ @ % ^ & ? +)

G. Password exclusions

Common password phrases will not be permitted. These are subject to change and will be listed in the password manager system. The current list is:
the account holders account name
the account holders given name
the account holders surname
the account holders full name

H. Periodic expiration

Passwords will expire every 180 calendar days from the last date the password was changed. If the password isn’t changed on or before the 180 day time limit, the account will be locked and attempts to login will be denied. Users will be able to visit the password manager site to change their password after it has expired and have their account unlocked automatically.

I. Expiration notification

One email message will be sent at thirty days (30) and one email message will be sent at two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to expiration.  Beginning at 7 days, one email message will be sent every day reminding the account holder that password expiration is approaching and will include instructions to change the account password. This email message will be sent to the email address(es) associated with the TCNJ account.

J. Password history and uniqueness

Password history will be maintained. Passwords cannot be reused within 365 days.

K. Initial password assignment

All new TCNJ accounts will have an initial password that will be retrieved from by supplying appropriate credentials.  As of this writing, the credentials required are PAWS id, last name, and birth date.

Upon retrieving the initial password, a user will be guided to the TIMS system where he or she must answer the forgotten password reset questions and  create a new password.  The initial password must be changed before access to other TCNJ systems will be possible.