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Security Notices

[PHISH] ANCHOR Benefit or Homestead benefit.

New phish reported. Trying to capture your SSN and other personal information. Please ignore and delete

Subject: ANCHOR Benefit or Homestead benefit.


Your 2020 ANCHOR Benefit application is currently being processed.
You are hereby required to send a photo of your Driver's license, Social Security Number(SSN)/ Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and your zip code for Confirmation.
Also send your mailing address to enable us send you an ANCHOR Benefit check after confirmation.

ANCHOR Benefit registrar.


[PHISH] Data Collection Research

See below for an example of a recent phishing attempt offering a research position and requesting personal information.  This one impersonates a TCNJ faculty member but comes from a Gmail account.  Be sure to carefully review any email received and confirm the validity of the email with the sender directly, preferably via phone call, in… Continue Reading

[PHISH] Now Hiring: Part-Time Online Office Assistant

Another job scam. Please ignore and delete.  Subject: Now Hiring: Part-Time Online Office Assistant & Advertising Agent To: Join DiscoverMyBusiness remotely! No experience needed. Manage communications, assist with admin tasks, and collaborate on advertising. $500 weekly pay! Strong communication skills and multitasking ability required. Apply now by emailing! Continue Reading

[PHISH] Subject: Staff and Student Recruitment

Another job scam reported. Please ignore and delete these messages.  From: Gramong Sin <gramongsin@gmail[.]com> Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2024 at 1:35 PM Subject: Staff and Student Recruitment To: If you can work from home, this position is for you. A startup company is looking to hire anyone who can work under minimal or no supervision advertising the company… Continue Reading


We received reports of users getting an email from arianna2.young@famu[.]edu with the subject TCNJ Mail. that contained a QR code and prompted the user to follow it using their 2FA enrolled device.  This email is not from TCNJ and is attempting to harvest credentials from TCNJ users.  The email does not come from a TCNJ… Continue Reading

[PHISH] Email Confirmation

We’ve been alerted to a phishing campaign using a QR code attempting to get TCNJ users to provide their email credentials.  The email utilizes a QR code in an attempt to circumvent phishing detections.  Do not scan the QR code or enter any informaiton in the subsequent landing page.  Thank you. (QR code obfuscated and… Continue Reading