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[PHISH] Executive and Personal Assistant

Another job offer phishing email has made the rounds here at TCNJ.  The offer mentions a few hours of work for a large amount of compensation.  Please ignore and delete this email and do not reply to the sender or the email in the body, nor complete the requested Google form.  An example of the email is below.  Thank you.

[PHISH] The College of New Jersey Account Email Verification

This morning we received reports regarding a widespread phishing email sent to a number of TCNJ users.  The email mentions verifying your Microsoft 365 email (TCNJ uses Gmail) and links to a Google form.  This email is not legitimate, please ignore and delete it, and do not complete the form.  An example of the email… Continue Reading

[PHISH] Data Collection Research

See below for an example of a recent phishing attempt offering a research position and requesting personal information.  This one impersonates a TCNJ faculty member but comes from a Gmail account.  Be sure to carefully review any email received and confirm the validity of the email with the sender directly, preferably via phone call, in… Continue Reading


We received reports of users getting an email from arianna2.young@famu[.]edu with the subject TCNJ Mail. that contained a QR code and prompted the user to follow it using their 2FA enrolled device.  This email is not from TCNJ and is attempting to harvest credentials from TCNJ users.  The email does not come from a TCNJ… Continue Reading

[PHISH] Email Confirmation

We’ve been alerted to a phishing campaign using a QR code attempting to get TCNJ users to provide their email credentials.  The email utilizes a QR code in an attempt to circumvent phishing detections.  Do not scan the QR code or enter any informaiton in the subsequent landing page.  Thank you. (QR code obfuscated and… Continue Reading


The following student job scam message was sent to a large number of people. Please ignore and delete the message.  From: Sent: Sunday, November 5, 2023 5:19 PM Subject: STUDENT RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITION FROM THE OFFICE OF JOB PLACEMENT AND STUDENT SERVICES – THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY In reference to the above subject… Continue Reading

[PHISH] 2023 Employees Benefit Program

Today we detected a phishing email that attempts to harvest TCNJ user credentials.  The email claims to offer a $700 benefit to employees.  The email address comes from outside the TCNJ environment and is generic in its email body.  If you visited this site and entered any credentials, change your TCNJ password immediately. The landing… Continue Reading

[PHISH] Student Employment Hiring Contract

We’ve discovered a phishing campaign directed at a number of TCNJ users in which the attacker is impersonating Lea DiFonzo.  The email offers a remote assistant research position.  Do not reply or interact with this attacker as they will likely attempt to gather your personal information or attempt to get you to purchase gift cards… Continue Reading