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Author Archives: Matthew Cesari

[PHISH] Subject: Important Notice

Email verification via Google Form scam. Please ignore and delete

This is the last time we will notify you that we'll stop processing incoming emails in your school account, and the reason is you failed to verify your Microsoft account which may lead to the permanent deletion of your account from our database in the next few hours. Kindly take a minute to complete our email verification below. If the above links do not work, please copy and paste the following URL into a Web browser:


If you only have one Microsoft Office 365 account, only fill in the only account. and fill " None; Nil; NA " in the rest space

Important Notice- Account disconnection will take place today.Thank You Microsoft © 2024
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[PHISH] ANCHOR Benefit or Homestead benefit.

New phish reported. Trying to capture your SSN and other personal information. Please ignore and delete From:NEW JERSEY DIVISION OF TAXATION <> To: XXX Subject: ANCHOR Benefit or Homestead benefit. Dear XXXXX. Your 2020 ANCHOR Benefit application is currently being processed. You are hereby required to send a photo of your Driver’s license, Social Security… Continue Reading

[PHISH] Now Hiring: Part-Time Online Office Assistant

Another job scam. Please ignore and delete.  Subject: Now Hiring: Part-Time Online Office Assistant & Advertising Agent To: Join DiscoverMyBusiness remotely! No experience needed. Manage communications, assist with admin tasks, and collaborate on advertising. $500 weekly pay! Strong communication skills and multitasking ability required. Apply now by emailing! Continue Reading

[PHISH] Subject: Staff and Student Recruitment

Another job scam reported. Please ignore and delete these messages.  From: Gramong Sin <gramongsin@gmail[.]com> Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2024 at 1:35 PM Subject: Staff and Student Recruitment To: If you can work from home, this position is for you. A startup company is looking to hire anyone who can work under minimal or no supervision advertising the company… Continue Reading


The following student job scam message was sent to a large number of people. Please ignore and delete the message.  From: Sent: Sunday, November 5, 2023 5:19 PM Subject: STUDENT RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITION FROM THE OFFICE OF JOB PLACEMENT AND STUDENT SERVICES – THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY In reference to the above subject… Continue Reading