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[PHISH] Job Offer Phishing Attack

Today we identified a phishing attack against a number of TCNJ users.  This email comes from an outside email address and is impersonating a faculty member at TCNJ.  The attacker will respond with a URL to visit if someone replies with interest in the job offer.  This URL will take the victim to a site that appears to be a TCNJ web page and is using our theme and logos.  This is NOT a TCNJ page and any information entered will be delivered to the attacker.  Please see the email below as well as a screenshot of the web page.  Do not interact with this attacker and do not visit the web page.  Thank you.

***UPDATE*** It appears the attack has shifted their tactics and is now requesting recipients respond via a text message to an 815 area code number.  Do not reply to this number or interact with the attacker via any form of communication.