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Sending Mass Email

Recommendations for sending mass email

We’ve all done it:  accidentally replied to an entire mass email list of hundreds of recipients when we just wanted to send salutations to the message sender.  And there’s nothing more annoying than receiving dozens of “away from office”, “me too”, or “Hi Alan” messages from mailing lists.  We also have a duty to protect everyone’s privacy.  In other words, there’s no need to share everyone’s email address with everybody.

There are two things that may help in these situations:

1.  When replying to messages, be extra diligent and verify all of the recipient address fields, including To: and CC: fields.

2.  When composing a message to dozens or hundreds of individual recipients or a mailing list it is suggested that you address the message to yourself and use the blind copy feature for the recipients or mailing list name, like this:

Gmail Example:

that way anyone who accidentally presses “Reply” or “Reply All” will only ever send one single copy of the message to you.  This is especially handy when you are asking for people to reply with information.