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NCSAM 2016

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Internet security is a hot topic with reports of new data breaches or vulnerabilities discovered every week.  We live in an Internet-connected world with more devices connecting online each day. Outside of our personal devices, our critical infrastructure is also connected to the Internet. That is why it is our shared responsibility to be a good digital citizen. No individual is solely responsible for securing the Internet. Everyone must do their part to use the Internet safely, follow strong security practices, and raise awareness to fellow community members.

This year, during the month of October, TCNJ will be hosting two cyber security seminars. Each seminar will be roughly 30 minutes of instruction with live demonstrations of techniques hackers use to steal data. Followed by questions and open discussion.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion.

The first seminar will be on Wednesday October 12th at 10AM and will focus on safe web browsing. Providing tips for identifying illegitimate sites and emails.  Security practices to keep you safe from malware and viruses.  We will discuss secure protocols, the importance of encryption, and the dangers of open networks with a demonstration of how information can be captured on insecure networks.

The second seminar will be on Wednesday October 28th at 10 AM and will focus on passwords. We will look at current best practices for creating passwords the technical reasons behind those practices. We will examine some helpful tools to manage passwords and discuss the advantages of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure access control.

Please use this form to register for the seminars.

A follow up email will be sent to all registered guests with specific location details after the presentation space has been booked. This website will also be updated after the locations have been selected.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for future topics please reach out to Matt Cesari