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Suggested Facebook Privacy & Security Settings

Suggested Facebook Privacy & Security Settings

  • Be cautious with what you choose to share
    • Implied false trust
    • Damage your career
    • Attacks against you, your family, your friends, co-workers, and the College
    • Be aware of what others post about you and your family
  • Facebook “Lists” feature
    • Create and maintain lists for different audiences
    • Use “Acquaintances” for people you don’t interact with often
    • Use appropriate lists when posting or tagging or choosing what personal profile info to share
    • No need to share everything with everyone ever!

Suggested Privacy and Security Settings

  • Account Settings | General | Email
    • Email – uncheck “Allow friends to include my email address in downloads”
    • Linked Accounts – review periodically
  • Account Settings | Security
    • Enable secure browsing
    • Enable login notifications
    • Enable login approvals
  • Privacy Settings
    • Set profile privacy directly from profile (see below)
    • Set default privacy for devices without audience selector
    • How you connect – set as restrictive as possible
      • Note: People you restrict from seeing Wall posts from others will not be able to post to your Wall
    • How tags work
      • Enable profile review
      • Enable tag review
      • Set maximum profile visibility as restrictive as possible
    • Apps and websites – review often, set as restrictive as possible
    • Limit audience for past posts – recommended
  • Privacy Settings
    • Click “Edit Profile” from your profile page
    • Set all items on all pages as restrictive as possible with audience selector
    • Recommended maximum privacy setting is “Friends except Acquaintances”, e.g. don’t use “Friends” or “Public”