The College of New Jersey

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Password Expiration

TCNJ is implementing a new password policy during the month of October 2013.  Passwords will expire every 180 days and you may change your password at any time.  You do not need to wait for your password to expire before you change it.  Passwords can be changed at

You will receive warnings once at 30 days before and once at 14 days before and then every day for one week prior to your password expiration date.  Please note that password expirations will be scheduled throughout the month so your password may have a different expiration date than your colleagues or classmates.

Please visit to configure security questions for future password resets in the event you forget your password or your password expires.

Passwords must:
– be at least 9 characters long and can be up to 32 characters long
– contain at least one upper case character
– contain at least one lower case character
– contain at least one numeric character
– Symbols, such as ! # @ % ^ & ? +, are encouraged but not required.

For more information and to verify that this message is not spam or phishing, please visit or call the TCNJ help desk at 609-771-2660.